Saigon Translation Core Value

1. Mission

Our mission is bridging your success with language solutions and business support, which help corporates as well as organizations expand their market and promote business relationship. We always endeavor to develop an idealistic working environment for company staff and shareholders that make Saigon translation their second home.

2. Vision

– To continuously grow and sustainably develop, to become a strategic partner of Fortune 1000 businesses
– To reach Top 10 Asian LSPs by 2017 and World Top 50 LSPs by 2020 with 20 branches on the globe.

Saigon Translation Corp’s core values: 

1. Development is the driving force of success

  • We accompany the development of customers
  • Human resources are seen as a core value in Saigon Translation Corp’ development.
  • Company’s development means a growth in sales and profits.

2.Outstanding customer service

  • For services to surpass customer expectations, anything you do must have emotional impacts on customers.
  • Different values are created and shared with customers.

3.Global thinking

  • Global thinking is the throughout concept in the whole company.
  • Global customers, global human resources, and global standards.
  • We ensure to create a global quality system and globally consistent value chain.

4.Technology and Creativity

  • Technology and Creativity are the gateway to the future.
  • Continuous improvements and innovations in all activities of the Company.
  • Developing a creative working environment.
  • Technology is utilized to promote creativity.

5.Constant learning and Self-improvement

  • In Saigon Translation Corp, it is extremely important to create good conditions for employees to self-improve and enhance their qualifications.
  • We strongly believe that each employee has potential within themselves that they do not even recognize. Our goal is to help them discover their potential.

6.Passion and Determination

  • Passion is the energy that drives ourselves and the Company forward.
  • We are inspired by our belief in what we are doing and goals we are pursuing.

7.We are brothers

  • Open and sincere relationships are built on the foundation of communication.
  • We believe that openness and sincerity can form the best relationships because they lead to trust and loyalty.


  • At Saigon Translation Corp, we strive to work towards efficiency.
  • We are focused and serious in what we do.
  • We work hard and always strive to achieve excellence at work.
  • We realize that there is always room for improvement in everything we do.

9.Commitment and Reputation

  • For shareholders: Maximizing value and benefits for shareholders. Creating sustainable development, conducting effective and trustworthy business in the market.
  • For employees: Building a dynamic, active and creative working environment which attracts and develops talents, contribute to the sustainable development of Saigon Translation Corp. Ensure fairness, transparency in remuneration and career development policies.
  • For self-commitment: Constantly improving the management capacity, skills and qualifications, maintaining and promoting the code of ethics of the staff. Continuously making improvements and technological innovations towards a modern and professional image of Saigon Translation Corp.


  • Expertrans believes in fairness and integrity, taking responsibility, respecting rules and keeping promises.
  • We always keep a high spirit, neither being conceited in victory nor discouraged by failure, always promote the spirit of fair-play in every action.
  • Saigon Translation Corp is brave enough to say “no” to the wrong; respect and protect the truth.