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The old adage “time is money” takes on new meaning in today’s global technology market. Winning technology developers and providers are reaching more buyers in more regions of the world faster than their competitors. Simultaneous distribution of software, consumer electronics, and other technologies is no longer the exception; it is expected.

Saigon Translation has set up its services for technology and software companies to reduce time to market in target regions while still ensuring code and message are written for the local audience. We offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround. All translation work is assigned to domestic engineers and editors.

Saigon Translation integrates language and localization technologies to streamline content retrieval; collaboration among translators, editors, and testers; and delivery of completed work back to the customer with the ability to work within their internal content management systems as required.


Technology translation services include:

• Website Translation

• Localization Engineering and Testing

• Internationalization

• Certified Translation

• In-Country Review

• Marketing Materials, Publications, and Labels

• Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Custom Formatting

• Multimedia—Coding, Dubbing, and Subtitling