In the financial and legal sectors, providers are serving a client base that is increasingly multi-national. They must deliver promotion and service information in multiple languages that are culturally appropriate and meet local regulatory requirements in order to maintain market share. Saigon Translation has the experience, scalability, and domestic expertise to help Asian companies as well as foreign investors in the finance and legal sector achieve their globalization objectives.



The integrated solution from Saigon Translation allows you to:

  • Speed up authoring while lowering process costs
  • Reuse approved and legally correct content
  • Improve content consistency and quality
  • Build a strong international brand
  • Streamline localization processes

And what is the result? It is the increasing marketing efficiency and a consistent customer experience wherever you are in the world.

Saigon Translation works with the world’s leading finance and insurance companies to ensure they maintain their competitive advantage.

  • High quality translation supported by a global infrastructure of offices worldwide
  • Global brands rely on Saigon Translation
  • The in-house translation team in the industry works to ensure consistency in tone and messaging
  • A single point of contact for all your projects, removing complexity and streamlining communication
  • Saigon Translation’s best-in-class technology is utilized for terminology management and translation management