Translation with Editing

Eliminate all barriers to communication with our English translation service that includes editing. Write your paper in your native language and let our experts translate it into English as well as edit it to ensure that it meets international publication standards. Our qualified translators have subject-specific translation experience, and our editors have strong domain knowledge and language skills.

Our translation service covers the following languages:

  • Japanese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) to English
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English

How it works

English Translation Service Process

Additional services and post-translation support

We provide a number of free, value-added benefits to help you make the most of our expertise. You can be assured of assistance from our expert translators and editors even after we have sent you the translated manuscript. Check out the details of the free benefits we provide and our post-translation support services.


Our experts can format the translated manuscript in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by your target journal. They will also check aspects such as adherence to word limit, table and figure styles, reference citation styles, etc.


Prices for Translation with Editing

Our per-source-character or per-word pricing system ensures that you pay only for those parts that you need translated. We also offer better prices for higher word count documents. Submit your document today to get a customized quotation for your manuscript.Note: Authors submitting to IET Journals get a 15% discount on the prices shown here.

Language pairPricing for Translation with Editing
Japanese to EnglishStarting from $0.19 per character
Chinese (Simplified) to EnglishStarting from $0.14 per character
Chinese (Traditional) to EnglishStarting from $0.1 per character
Korean to EnglishStarting from $0.082 per character
Brazilian Portuguese to EnglishStarting from $0.16 per word