Saigon Translation is the only translation and Interpreting company in Vietnam applying quality management of professional translation such as: TMS, EC, EC LQA, EC ITS which is designed to control the services. “Refund 100% if translation errors exceed more than 10% ” .


Being proud of 5 years experience in Translation and Interpreting for international seminars, conferences as well as project, financial, accounting, cultural documents etc, we are honour to bring you with the translation and interpreting quality beyond expectations.


The motto of our service is “The Best quality with The most reasonable price”. We understand the services can not be developed if the price beyond the capabilities of the clients You always get the best quotation in comparison with another translation and interpreting in the same market.


About Us Saigontranslation

Saigontranslation Service of Translation and Interpretation has significiantly achieved reputation over the years in the fields of Translation, interpretation, Vietnamese language and culture teaching for foreigners and oversea students. Our motto are: Best quality, best price, fastest and most confidential, Saigontranslation Services of Translation and Interpretation has lived up expectations of the prissiest customers who always regard effectiveness, accuracy and precision as well as quality of the project as the top priority


Academic Translation

Nowadays, academic translation services have become necessary for every company as they are planning to expand their business into the international market.Read More »

Book Translation

With our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced project managers and translation specialists, we are proud to be the highest quality book translation service.Read More »

Technical Translation

In the modern era, technical translation has become essential for thousands of companies that produce and sell their products worldwide.Read More »

Website Translation

Over 80% of Internet users are more likely to purchase from a website written in their language. For this reason, it is essential to translate a website into the target language.Read More »

Court Interpretation

Under the current law, if a court determines that a person has the limit in English, that person will have the right to require a qualified interpreter in any type of case.Read More »

Simultaneous Interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation, the participants wear headphones, an interpreter will listen as the speaker talks, and then interpret the content into the target language immediately.Read More »

Consecutive Interpretation

Spoken words are translated into the target language as soon as the speaker finishes talking, or in periods of around five minutes.Read More »

Conference Interpretation Service

Conference interpretation is as challenging as any other field of interpretation. The types of conference sessions such as study seminars, scientific seminars, etc.Read More »

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Competitive Prices

You want the best job at the lowest price with no nasty surprises. We understand.

Famously Fast

You’ll receive lightning fast turnaround speed from initial quote right through to delivery.

Flawless Delivery

We’re fanatical about detail and will ensure your work is perfectly formed and delivered on time.

Global Language Coverage

It’s a big, wide world out there but we’ve got you covered.

1st For Translation Quality

Let’s be honest, we’d be the first to agree that most standards and awards mean nothing.

Five reasons to choose us ?

Consistency of Terminology and Formatting: Our team members are trained to use state-of-the-art translation software, such as Trados, which does not replace the translators’ craft, but supports them on each step of their work.
Unbeatable Price For Corporate Translation: A combination of seasoned professional translators with state-of-the-art technologies results in a corporate-grade translation service provided at one of the most competitive prices and shortest turnaround in the VietNam market..
5% Extra Discount: But, that is now all! Discount of 5% Extra for Companies in the VietNam. This discount applies to companies in TpHCM, Haoi, and DaNang.
Lower Costs, Better Prices:We have savings from being in New York with support offices in countries as Brazil and China. And, we are happy to pass on such savings to you! Get a quote now so you see how much you will be saving when working with The Translation Company!.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Although our translations are almost always perfect at the first delivery, this guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you are entitled to free unlimited revisions, until it reaches the point where you are happy with it..



With solution centers covering all over the worlds, global teams of Portugese localization and project management experts, advanced technology, and an external network including thousands of freelancers, saigon translation has the resources to provide unparalleled global market expertise with comprehensive and practical local experience –  Portugese translation – interpretation services. See following information for our supported Portugese language services: Portugese Document Translation…

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